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2014 Candidate Survey – Blank (PDF)

2014 Candidate Survey Results Here’s a raw tabulation of the responses we’ve received so far. It’s a much lower percentage than two years ago. But there seems to be an increasing trend among those who are (or aim to become) public officials, to avoid committing themselves to fixed principles. Moral and philosophical relativism is the preferred philosophy of far too many. We must increasingly “judge them by their records” as so many like to say, apparently knowing that few will go to the effort. Just another reason so many fear the scrutiny that CROW advocates. The harder that the powerful work to avoid transparency, the harder those who would remain free must work to smoke them out. We have much work to do indeed.

That’s why we’re here.

On behalf of the Conservative Republicans of Wyoming, welcome to our new and improved website.

It’s Republican primary election season again and CROW is back at it, working to cultivate conservative leaders for Wyoming’s future. As a non-profit political action committee organized under Wyoming PAC guidelines, CROW is currently conducting another statewide Republican candidate survey to ask what prospective Republican leaders are thinking.

CROW first conducted this survey before the primary elections of 2012 by asking candidates about 12 foundational principles that undergird the exceptionalism of our state and our nation. This year we have added a number of questions about possible policy initiatives of interest to Wyoming’s conservative majority.

Contrary to what our adversaries have been saying, CROW is not searching for ideological “purity” from our leaders, but simply truth and accuracy about their beliefs and motivations. There is no such thing as the perfect candidate or leader. All we have are very limited choices, so it’s imperative that voters have the information to make informed decisions at the polls.

Political parties are prohibited by law in Wyoming from taking sides between their members who file for office during primary season, but CROW is not. Not only are we empowered to ask the tough questions about adherence to conservative principles and the WYGOP platform that the party cannot, we are also unafraid to examine voting records and other sources of information about how candidates and elected officials have seen fit to conduct themselves.

Based upon these results, CROW reserves the right to make contributions and endorsements, and to work toward defeating or removing RINOs (Republicans-In-Name-Only) who have joined WYGOP opportunistically rather than out of affinity for its basic principles.

This year we’re concentrating on forging CROW into a truly statewide information and communication network through the use interactive and frequently updatable social media. We’re inviting new ideas, tips, and reports from our members—and even from non-members—who share our mission. You can email us directly to ask questions, sound off, or provide information at chairman@crowyoming.com, or (chairman@crowyoming.org), and follow CROW on Facebook (when it is functioning….)

So check back often and participate as you are able. By helping CROW to forge a stronger and more coherent Republican Party around timeless conservative principles, you are helping to promote the survival of Wyoming and the American Republic for us all.

  June 29th, 2014

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