RINO = “Republican-In-Name-Only”

Before posting anything here, CROW is calling for volunteers who would be proud to be known as RINOs. If you would like to be featured here as an open and notorious RINO, please send us a photo and some convincing information about your activities.


If you have witnessed or discovered documented evidence of Republican misconduct, from deliberate efforts to undermine conservative persons, principles, organizations, or legislation, to violations of trust or law, or other ethical problems, please report it for further investigation:



If we may follow up with you for further clarification or detail, please fill in the contact information with your message or under the CONTACT button above. Either way, CROW will treat your message in strictest confidence and will confine it to the members of our Executive Committee only. We will then secure additional documentation where warranted and possible before releasing it to the public with CROW as the only named source (unless you say otherwise.)

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