Strategic Vision

Because WYGOP is presently stratified in such a way that more liberal members tend to rise into leadership positions, while more conservative members tend to languish, liberal Republicans are the natural defenders of Wyoming’s political status quo.

Conservative Republicans’ most notable achievement has been to use their larger majority across the lowest levels of the party to refine a solidly conservative and ideologically consistent party platform, simultaneously highlighting their differences with the party elites while provoking their enmity. This schism continues to broaden with time, as do the impediments to party effectiveness.

As Republicans should well know, a house divided against its self cannot stand. The Republican Party can’t remain half conservative and half RINO. It must become all one, or all the other, because the defense of a common set of principles in the service of shared aspirations is the reason, by definition, that political parties are formed. Otherwise, a party becomes a kind of trade union in the service of personal political ambition regardless of merit or consequences.

The current power struggle between traditional conservatives and liberal-moving establishment Republicans will determine which faction will lead WYGOP into the future. If the conservatives prevail, WYGOP’s Platform will remain conservative. If the moderate/liberal RINO faction prevails, they will drop the most controversial planks of the Platform and steer it to the left, not just once, but as a matter of routine practice over time.

It remains to be seen which side prevails, but one thing is sure: Insofar as Wyoming’s voters are best served by a set of clear-cut choices at the polls, any effort to expunge the most pressing (and therefore most divisive) issues of our day—or to move the Republican Party Platform closer to that of the Democrat Party to dilute the difference—is a direct assault upon these voters.

CROW intends to counter the possibility of such a leftward agenda by preserving the distinction between the two major parties—which is precisely what the registered members of the more conservative party in a two-party system have every right to expect. This requires a strategy rooted an integrated philosophy of clear and enduring principles if it is to achieve political and cultural staying power.

Insofar as Wyoming’s RINO ruling elites lack such philosophical integrity and durability of understanding, their own strategy is perishable, and their hold on control of our state is tenuous.

By working to improve consensus and cooperation between conservative groups, individuals and interests with regard to the principles that have guided our nation since its inception, CROW aims to forge WYGOP into a political force that can once again stand for such ideals in the minds of the voters. And through the cultivation of conservative leaders at every level within its organization, CROW will also be helping WYGOP to once again stand for such ideals in reality.

Thereby, Wyoming will have one major conservative party and one major liberal party instead of zero major conservative parties.

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