RINO Hunters

As a part of CROW’s mission to recruit and elect conservative Republican leaders, it may become necessary to identify liberal Republican officials for removal, either for purposes of rehabilitation or permanent retirement from any position of trust within the Republican Party. CROW’s RINO Hunters will be a standing committee of CROW members activated on an as-needed basis for the specific task of defeating individual RINOs in Republican primary elections.

Such a decision shall not be made lightly by CROW. Nothing is more important than thoroughness and fairness when evaluating fellow Republican Party members. RINO office holders can only be opposed and removed for justifiable cause, which must be clearly articulated to the interested public. Because of this moral responsibility, CROW’s RINO Hunters shall operate by the following guidelines:

A. As a political association dedicated to the philosophical coherence of the Wyoming Republican Party, and to providing clarity of choice to engaged and casual voters alike, CROW is not ethically empowered to politically target individuals for any reasons other than their opposition to, ignorance of, or contempt for conservative principles. CROW assumes no right to pursue personal vendettas, indulge in speculation, spread falsehood or rumor, or employ any method that is not legal, transparent and politically honorable.

B. RINOs will only be identified as fair game after “due process” is met, by which a decisive demonstration of misconduct  has been assembled and brought before CROW’s Executive Committee. Their attitude toward each of CROW’s twelve foundational conservative principles shall be considered in detail, along with any other reliable public record of their activities. A three-quarters vote of all CROW Executive Committee members of shall be required to flag a RINO for removal.

C. No RINO shall be hunted unless a vetted and approved conservative replacement candidate has stepped forward or been recruited.

D. RINOs shall not be hunted once they have become Republican nominees, unless a vetted and approved conservative DINO (Democrat in Name Only) can be discovered to oppose them in the general election. Other than this exception, RINO hunting season is strictly closed between the date of the Republican Primary Election in August and the date of the General Election in November so that CROW can devote its resources toward insuring that WYGOP does not undermine conservative Republican nominees where they exist.

E. Immediately after each General Election, RINO season reopens so as to resume documenting the activities of known RINO officials and potential RINO candidates.

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