Why CROW? Why Now?

If present trends continue, the United States of America is headed for certain collapse. The United States Constitution, as originally intended by the Framers, is a dead letter. We have been brought to this brink by an ever-growing and uncontrollable federal government that recognizes no limits on executive power, legislative avarice, or judicial tyranny.

But there is a remedy. As the Founders understood, power can only be checked by other power. This means that federal power can best be tamed through the power of the states. Insofar as a significant number of states stand together to insist upon unconditional restoration of the U.S. Constitution, our Republic can be saved.

All that this requires is strong conservative leadership within individual states, which is precisely what we are witnessing in many. But Wyoming is conspicuously, shamefully not among them. Wyoming suffers from an acute leadership vacuum at the highest levels of its government, and within many components of the dominant—yet often timid—Wyoming Republican Party (WYGOP).

In 2011, a concerned conservative approached the newly installed State Chairman of WYGOP and asked her a pointed, but optimistic question: What are you going to do about all the Republican politicians who are disloyal to the party and its platform?–Nothing, she replied. It’s not my responsibility; it’s yours.

This was an honest answer, reflecting an institutionalized apathy that has increasingly come to characterize WYGOP in the face of rising challenges and dangers. Nothing better illustrates the depth of Wyoming’s Republican leadership vacuum, the inadequacy of conservative involvement, and the growing need for an organization like CROW to awaken our party and our state from their shortsighted inertia.

WYGOP has been so dominant over time that it has attracted legions of frustrated Democrats and other left-liberals who have joined its ranks in order to better their political chances. These RINOs greatly magnify the power and influence of the otherwise insignificant Wyoming Democrat Party by dividing WYGOP internally and using its resources to elect RINOs to public office.

In recent years, the leadership of WYGOP has frequently favored RINOs over conservatives with their rhetorical and material support when given a choice, if only because liberal Republicans have proven more satisfied with “a seat at the table” and a cut of the spoils reserved for ruling elites. Conservative Republicans who are more inspired by ideas and the concept of public service naturally tend to “rock the boat” for improvements, reforms, and republican simplicity in government and society.

This illustrates that WYGOP’s “supermajority” in our state has not been as beneficial as a slighter majority would have been. Essentially one-party states encourage a politics of personality over principle, as demonstrated by two longstanding problems experienced by Wyoming’s conservative majority:

  1. Disunity and disorganization among Wyoming’s Republicans: Longstanding rivalries, personal feuds and inadequate leadership resulting from a “Big Tent” policy of ideological complacency have fostered division, duplication of efforts and dilution of resources.
  2. RINO dominance over the Wyoming Republican Party: Because WYGOP only works to elect candidates in general elections, while affecting neutrality in Republican primary elections, RINOs are able to game the system in collusion with Democrats without repercussions, become entrenched as party officers and elected officials over time, and recruit like-minded accomplices in preference to conservatives.

This is why the leaders of Wyoming, taken as a whole, are far more liberal than the general populace. It is also why so many of them have staked their political futures upon preserving and deepening federal supremacy over Wyoming and the other states.

But therein rests their weakness. The moment that the conservative majority of Wyoming develops unified, organized and effectual leadership, it will also begin to achieve proportionate political representation and influence. Only then can Wyoming join other reformist states in the great enterprise of national renewal.

This is where CROW comes in. By providing Wyoming’s conservatives with a statewide organization whose members are internally accountable to one another, CROW means to provide a framework within WYGOP for the cultivation of conservative leadership and the successful implementation of conservative initiatives.

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