Frequently Asked Questions

Q:“I agree with CROW’s Mission and wish to join. But How?”

A:CROW membership is by invitation only and you must find three sponsors willing to vouch for your conservative character. If you do not know any CROW members, send your name and contact information to one of its websites or mailing addresses, and you may be contacted.

Q:“Is CROW meant to eventually become a new political party?”

A:No. CROW exists to improve and protect the Republican Party.

Q:“Is CROW designed to take over the Wyoming Republican Party?”

A:No. While it is possible in theory that all WYGOP posts could someday be occupied by CROW members, this is not CROW’s purpose. So long as more WYGOP posts are being filled by conservatives, and less are being filled by RINOs, CROW’s mission is being fulfilled.

Q:“Does the same hold true for all of the elective offices in Wyoming?”


Q:“What about all of the elective offices in the County and City governments across Wyoming?”

A:CROW is primarily designed to address elections and party politics at the state level. But this does not preclude the option of more local involvement.

Q:“How does CROW involve itself in national level elections and national Republican Party functions?”

A:CROW does not. These are governed by a different set of laws. If CROW is successful at the state level, the results will be reflected at the federal level in due course.

Q:“Won’t CROW divide and weaken the Wyoming Republican Party, and help Democrats?”

A:The Wyoming Republican Party is already divided and weakened because the RINOs it contains already help Democrats. Therefore, the more RINOs that CROW can drive from the Party, the stronger and more unified it will become.

Q:“How does the Republican Party get stronger if it loses members to the Democrat Party?”

A:It amounts to no net loss, because RINOs already vote with the Democrat Party on the definitive wedge issues of our times. But with regard to elected officials and candidates, the departure of RINOs amounts to a net gain for the Republican Party because its primary elections and political caucuses will be left to conservatives, while RINOs will be busy dividing the primary elections and political caucuses of the Democrat Party or other leftist groups. (May they find contentment.)

Q:“CROW seems like a good idea, but isn’t there a danger that the RINOs will form an identical organization composed of liberal Republicans that will target conservative Republicans for marginalization or removal?

A:This would be redundant, because in practice, the WYGOP often targets conservatives for marginalization or removal as it is. But if this function is transferred to an official “RINO organization,” its success will depend upon staking out some sort of middle ground between a liberal Democrat Party and a conservative Republican Party—a position that will give them a constant conflict of interest and influence over neither. CROW does not have this problem because CROW is loyal to the Republican Party and its conservative values alone.

Q:How will the present leadership of WYGOP react to the appearance of CROW?

A:Clearly, this will vary from leader to leader, and will probably depend on whether a WYGOP official is a conservative or a RINO. It should be expected that conservatives will welcome the arrival of CROW as a long-awaited solution to a long-endured problem. Likewise, it should be expected that RINOs will view CROW’s arrival as a personal threat and will react with some combination of panic and rage.

Q: “Why should any member of WYGOP be pleased that CROW is diverting money and other support from WYGOP to CROW?”

A:Again, conservatives will likely be elated that they will no longer be expected to support RINOs who have only registered as Republicans to cause disruption or to pursue self-centered political careers. In practical terms, every dollar that is diverted from WYGOP to CROW is another dollar that is placed safely beyond the reach of RINOs in their service of the Democrats’ agenda. Thus, at the prospect of a growing war chest set aside under CROW’s Treasurer for the exclusive use of loyal Republicans, only RINOs need be distressed.

Q:“I am a member of the Legislature and a County Precinct Committeewoman in WYGOP; does any of that disqualify from being a member or office holder in CROW at the same time?”

A:Not as far as CROW is concerned. All proven or demonstrable conservative Republicans are eligible for any leadership position in CROW.

Q:“But as a WYGOP officer, I feel obligated to be neutral during Primary Election season. How can I support CROW without my RINO friends and RINO Legislative colleagues viewing it as a personal attack on them?

A:Try joining and contributing to CROW as an Ex Officio (non-voting) Associate Individual. That way, you can support CROW on general conservative principle without having a part in specific political initiatives such as the RINO Hunters. (Keep in mind: RINOs have to first betray their party before CROW will flag them for retirement. CROW does not paint targets on RINOs; RINOs paint targets on themselves.)

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